The Council of Australian Baseball Scorers (CABS) through cooperation with Baaseball Australia (BA) has developed a national scoring accreditation system which was implemented 30 June 2003 and may replace existing accreditation systems. The national scoring accreditation system consists of:-

Level O

Orientation to T-ball, rookie ball & baseball scoring – responsibility of State / Territory Scoring Organisations. For persons with no baseball/baseball scoring background to introduce them to the basics of baseball scoring to enable them to score a game at basic club level.

Level 1

Club/school level up to but not including top division/grade. For persons wishing to score on a more regular basis, expanding their scoring ability and knowledge of scoring techniques whilst complying with the rules of baseball scoring including:- scoresheet competency, symbols, introduction to colors and basic statistics, interpretations eg wild pitch/ pass ball, hit/error.

Level 2

Club level including top division/grade including schoolboys/university competition. For persons looking for the opportunity to advance their scoring ability and knowledge to score at the highest level within their State’s top division/competition by exposing them to more complex scoring situations, statistics and introduction to delivering Level O instruction.

Level IT

Club level and National IT scoring. For persons with a minimum of Level 2 accreditation. These scorers will also be eligible to apply for national IT scoring appointments; be prepared to expand exposure to the ABF computerised scoring program. Note Level IT is a pre-requisite for Level 4IT.

Level 3

National competition. For competent scorers with the desire to advance to national scoring standard equipping them with more advanced knowledge and solid understanding of the rules of baseball scoring enabling them to confidently participate and adjudicate at national level.  These scorers will be eligible to apply for national scoring appointments; facilitate Level O, 1 or 2 instruction.

Level 4

National Coordination & International competition. For the experienced national scorer aspiring to the highest level of national responsibilities including appointments to CABS, scoring coordinator of national tournaments in conjunction with a Level 4IT scorer and international tournaments.  Interaction and exposure to scoring at the highest standard, facilitation of all other levels of instruction, introduction to IBAF scoring method and option to pursue computerised scoring and statistics (Level 4IT).

Level 4 IT

National Coordination, International competition plus proven proficiency with BA approved IT program. For the Level 4 experienced scorer who has proven expertise with the approved BA IT program including the process for release and distribution of tournament statistics to stakeholders. 

Level 5

IBAF accredited scorer.



1 9 22 36 1 37 57 29 17 208
2 4 13 12 2 37 24 11 7 110
IT 2 1 9   7 6 10 6 41
3 4 2 11 1 10 13 18 5 64
4   3 3 1 8 3 4 9 31
4IT   1 5   3 3 2 2 16
5     1   3 1 3 1 9
TOTAL 19 42 77 5 105 107 77 47 479


For further information, contact the CABS Coordinator or your State/Territory Scoring Organisation.


An accreditation application fee of $5.00 is required for Level 1 and above.

Download the CABS Accreditation Form here.